Change of Continents.


Hello everyone, this is an announcement for JDOsteo. Early last year we decided to leave the UK and move to Australia for family reasons.

It has been a tough time trying to organise everything especially during the pandemic. We managed to get things sorted and a few days ago we got into the country.

All active clients of our clinic had been personally informed, but unfortunately we lost touch with a lot of people during these unprecedented times.

Purus Active Health is still going strong and if you need anything the team is there to help out.

Please do reach out to me (some already have) if you need any advice or recommendations.

This website will remain the same, but the location will of course be different.

I am really sad to leave such a great team, but life has lead us to a different direction for now an a new start.

I hope everyone is happy and safe!

Lots of love,


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