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Julia Diamantourou 

Principal Osteopath

I have a Masters degree in Osteopathy and a Diploma in Naturopathy. For the past few years I have been working in different multidisciplinary clinics in the UK, Greece and New Zealand, and completed an additional postgraduate training in Ergonomics, Work Space Assessment and Cognitive Psychology.

I have particular clinical interest in using manual therapy to help people experiencing persistent musculoskeletal pain. By recognising how psychological factors (e.g. fear, depression, anxiety) influence the experience and behaviour of individuals suffering chronic pain, I am able to formulate a holistic treatment plan tailored to the individual person. I also have experience in providing osteopathic treatment to expectant mothers and in children.

Millie Lindsey


Millie is a physiotherapist that combines both manual therapy and Pilates based rehabilitation to aid recovery. She studied BSc Physiotherapy at St George’s University of London, achieving a first class honours. She demonstrates a holistic approach to treatment to ensure optimum recovery.  


Millie’s interest in physiotherapy started at the age of 15 when years of dedicated training as a National level gymnast resulted in an injury and hip surgery. Subsequently, the post-op rehabilitation programme was the point Millie realised that she wanted to help people rehabilitate and recover. 

Sonal Patel
Sports Therapist

Sonal’s instinctive desire to help others stemmed from seeing friends and family members injured at a young age, and seeing their struggles with treatment and rehabilitation plans. As a qualified Sports Therapist with extensive experience in professional rugby, athletics and clinical settings, she has treated a wide variety of injuries and conditions. Her unwavering belief is that every individual requires a bespoke treatment plan, as every human body possesses unique traits that makes no two recovery paths identical.

Whether suffering from a sport, work or lifestyle injury, the key to recovery is injury diagnosis and body profiling. Sonal uses a wide range of treatment modalities including muscuoskeletal testing, sports massage, dry needling, Instrumented assisted release, and exercise rehabilitation plans to help you live a pain-free again.

Joe Brown 
Sports Massage Therapist

Joe is a level 4 sports massage therapist who utilises modern soft tissue modalities to assist you to recovery.

Joe has over 12 years experience as a personal trainer/corrective exercise specialist. His love for the human body has made his focus more within rehabilitation which has inspired him to soon fully qualify as a sports therapist. 

Joe utilises soft tissue modalities to include dry needling, myofascial cupping, electrotherapy, ultrasound and active muscle release techniques to help reduce any movement restrictions or pain to improve your body's performance and optimise it's full movement potential.